What is habit stacking?

How can you get a habit of going to the gym?How do you get over the fear of going?How to change your habits without losing your willpower?Habits are things that stick to you.That’s because they help you keep track of your progress.But can they change the way you look at life?We asked some experts to find out.Habits don’t change the […]

How to Get Good Habits in Life

I was reading a book on habits and I was so excited to discover the book Habits by John Darnielle, and he was talking about how to change your life habits, to learn more about yourself, and to get better at them.Habits are just as important as having a healthy diet and exercising, he said.So I wanted to know how […]

The good eating habits of some Australians

Good eating habits are a cornerstone of the modern Western diet.A key feature of the Australian diet is a highly structured and disciplined eating schedule, which is defined as having “three or more meals in a day” or “a regular pattern of eating”.But there are many Australians who have found that their eating habits have evolved into something more holistic.The […]

When will you be able to buy a habit tracker?

Free habit tracker.Free.Habit tracker. What do you get?A tracker.I’ll tell you what I got: A Google app.It’s a simple app.It has all the features of a good habit tracker app. It’s free. I didn’t even have to use the app.I just downloaded it, installed it on my phone, and purchased the tracking software which gives me access to the data. How do you buy a tracker? It doesn’t take a lot of money. Just get […]

Which side is your party on?

I’ve long been skeptical of the idea that Donald Trump is the party of the American Dream.Trump, after all, was elected as the Republican Party’s standard-bearer after the disastrous 2008 election.And Trump was a self-described Republican who spent his first few years in office aggressively pursuing the hard-right agenda he championed, from restricting immigration to imposing a ban on Muslims […]

When to take your dog to a vet, when to bring it home

A new study finds dogs are often brought home with serious infections after being left unattended for hours at a time.The study, published in the journal Vetmedica, found that dogs with infections can be brought home even when they are kept inside.“If they get really stressed and sick, the vet will do some testing, look at them, and maybe they […]

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