Which NHL players are the most unhealthy habits?

Which NHL players are the most unhealthy habits?

With NHL free agency just around the corner, the focus has shifted to the teams and players who will be playing in those new arenas.

Some players are taking a break from playing to take care of their health, while others are trying to gain a competitive edge.

The results have been pretty mixed.

Habits tracker ideas1 This list of players and teams that seem to be the most habitually unhealthy and/or unhealthy at all times has grown over the years.

I’ve picked out players and/areas to highlight.


Sidney Crosby1.

Crosby is the most healthy NHL player at age 29, but his habits are in full swing.

He regularly goes for a long run or a walk in the woods.

He’s also very picky about what he eats, and he’s very strict about keeping track of his medications.2.

Wayne Gretzky2.

Gretzkys habits aren’t as unhealthy as Crosby’s, but they aren’t healthy either.

He has a lot of friends, is on the gym a lot and has a little bit of a social life.3.

Mike Bossy3.

Bossy is another former player who hasn’t played since age 21.

He still does a lot in the gym and works out frequently.4.

Paul Coffey4.

Coffey is a former captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, and a fan favorite.

He spends time at the gym almost daily and spends most of his free time doing some physical activity.


Nicklas Lidstrom5.

Lidstrons habits are fairly healthy and his eating habits aren?t too different than Crosbys.


Steve Yzerman6.

Yzermans lifestyle is quite a bit different from Lidstons, but he does eat a lot.


Rob Blake7.

Blake is another Hall of Fame-caliber player, and an all-time great.

His habits are similar to Crosby, and the fact that he eats the same diet makes it pretty healthy.


Jaromir Jagr8.

Jagr’s diet isn’t as healthy as Lidstrethys, but the fact he does exercise regularly and is active in the community makes him a good teammate.


Wayne Simmonds9.

Simmonds’ diet is very different than Jagrs, but it is also very healthy.

He likes to run and swim.

He also likes to be outside and play basketball and soccer.


Wayne Tootoo10.

Tootoos diet is pretty similar to Jagr?s, except he does get in the morning and does yoga and meditation.


Joe Thornton11.

Thornton is another veteran who has played in a lot more games than Jagrs.

He does have a few habits that Jagr doesn?t, but most of them are healthy.

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