Which habits are good for you?

Which habits are good for you?

Habits can help you manage your emotions, stay organized, and even help you keep your energy levels up.

Here are some of the best habits to keep on track.


Make a list of things you enjoy 2.

Write down every single thing you like 3.

Write a list about every day of the week that you can write down, no exceptions 4.

Read a book or magazine every day 5.

Try to keep a journal every single day 6.

Have a weekly calendar with each day’s activities 7.

Create a list for every occasion that you want to share, no exception 8.

Write on a whiteboard every day 9.

Read daily news and updates about your favorite celebrities 10.

Start a daily journal to keep track of your daily routines 11.

Watch your favorite movie 12.

Schedule a daily fitness session or workout schedule 13.

Take a daily yoga class 14.

Start recording your daily life in a calendar 15.

Write your daily journal entries for a list, no-exceptions 16.

Write notes for every day, no exceptions 17.

Write every single moment you feel good about yourself, no rules, no excuses, no restrictions.


Write all your daily tasks, no questions, no explanations 19.

Keep a journal of your day and night, no more excuses.


Create your own daily life plan for the week 21.

Create daily diary entries, no need to ask friends or family, no worries, no limits.


Write out a list to track your favorite foods and drinks 23.

Create an online diary, no matter what you’re working on 24.

Create the habit to make yourself happy 25.

Create one of your personal daily routines 26.

Start your own weekly workout schedule 27.

Create and share a habit tracker for your friends 28.

Make your own schedule for your health tracker, no time limit, no limit, just start.


Start tracking your daily activities 30.

Keep your schedule, no problems, no interruptions, no distractions 31.

Create new habits to make you happy 32.

Share a habit to your family, friends, or loved ones 33.

Create habit-tracking tools for your workplace 34.

Keep track of a habit that you’ve been doing for a while, no longer needed, just stop.


Set goals, make plans, and stick to them.


Track your time-saving steps, no one can interrupt you, no pressure, just do it. 37.

Write daily diary entry, no explanation needed.


Write in a journal, no reason needed.


Write an action-tracking list, it’s just one small step to achieving your goal.


Create reminders to keep you on track for your goals.


Make an action tracker, it doesn’t need any fancy features, just one simple action.


Create action-triggers for all your favorite sports, activities, and hobbies, no extra setup required.


Create goal-trigs, make a list with your goal and track it, no special tools needed.


Create task-triggings, make tasks that you always do and always get done.


Create routine-truggings, set a schedule, and then make sure you get a goal done.


Create weekly habit tracker, make your habit count, no work required.


Create regular-triggs, set your routine and start doing it. 48.

Create personal-trigm-traggers, set goals, do them, then track them.


Set a daily routine and have it live on your computer.


Create habits to improve your productivity.


Make time for yourself, you will thank yourself in the morning.


Start making your daily appointments, no appointments needed.


Create or start a daily diary, just record your daily events, no excuse.


Set reminders, no obligation, no regrets.


Create journal entries that you write down every day.


Create personalized daily diary for your spouse, friends or loved one, no effort required.


Start taking care of yourself, your health, your money, your relationship, and your finances.


Make the habit of getting in the shower every day and cleaning the dishes every day so that you never have to do those two things.


Create routines that you use every day in your home, no different than if you had a routine for your office or home.


Start daily journaling, no idea what to write about?

Write a few notes about what you want and do. 61.

Write something that you will write down at least once a week.


Create reminder lists, no task, no deadline.


Create custom habits, no requirements, no hassle.


Start journaling with your favorite music, it will give you a feeling of belonging and a new way to live.


Create online diary entries for yourself and for your family. 66

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