How to Find the Perfect Habit #11 for You

When I was a kid, my mom always told me, “You’ll never find a perfect habit.”When I think about how long I’ve lived, I think of the long stretches of time I’ve been working and studying and doing things that are not in my normal life.The idea that something like this is something that I’m destined to do and something […]

How to set up and use a Tiny Habits habit tracker in India

India has a huge population of over half a billion people.With the number of smartphone users doubling every two years, it is becoming increasingly important to keep track of what’s happening and who’s doing what in the country.In the meantime, Google has introduced a new feature that lets users create and track their own personal habits.With this feature, users can […]

Which foods are good for you?

Good habits are good habits.They help keep your attention, stay focused, help you get what you need, keep you motivated and get you to do what you want.That’s the idea behind the Biggest Habits campaign.The idea behind this campaign is to help people break bad habits.“The Biggest Habit is to get out of bed and go to work every day […]

Tiny habits kickin’ my habit: Tiny habits, habits movie

“I have two kids, and they’re on their own.My husband’s got a job, and I have a full-time job, so we don’t have any friends,” she says.“I feel like I need to take care of my kids.I’m a mom now, but I’m still not.”She’s currently working on her second movie, which she hopes to finish this year.She says she can’t […]

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