Why do people habitually buy things?

People are not stupid.They do not follow the advice of their bosses.They are not dumb.They have the capacity to do the right thing.They don’t need a brain surgeon or a plastic surgeon.They just need to get on with it.But if you tell them it’s the right choice, and that the benefits outweigh the risks, they will do whatever it takes […]

How to be a ‘bad habit of mind’

A lot of people struggle with their bad habits of mind.They do not know what to do with themselves.They are unable to think clearly.And, they are often unable to cope with life.So, how can we tackle the bad habits that keep us from enjoying life?A lot has been written about the good habits.For example, it’s called habit formation, the process […]

How to make money with habit book habit book

For the first time in its history, the global financial sector is using its global financial intelligence to build a habit book.It has been a long time coming, but the latest edition of the Habit Book, launched by the World Bank and the United Nations in October, marks the latest sign that financial technology has begun to influence how people […]

Why we tend to sleep in bed

Are we just being lazy?A new study suggests that we do, at least, spend more time in bed than our Western counterparts, who tend to wake up earlier.A study from the University of Cambridge and the University at Buffalo looked at people’s habits of sleep and wakefulness, and found that Westerners spend more of their waking hours in bed.While Westerners […]

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