What is Venus habitable?

In the middle of the planet Venus, where it orbits the sun, are the rings of Venus and the planet’s largest moon, Vesta.If you are lucky enough to have a satellite in your backyard, then it is safe to say that you will be able to see Vesta from space.There are many more features on Vesta, including the largest mountain […]

Why we’re still living in circles

In a circle, people tend to spend their time together more than they do apart.That’s because people spend time with other people, too, and those people tend not to spend as much time alone.Here are some reasons why.1.We can’t always be alone.The Internet makes it easy for anyone to find a friend or co-worker.If we have a cell phone and […]

What do you know about your favorite foods?

I love this photo of a baby eating a doughnut.The image of a doughnuts-eating baby makes me laugh, but I am actually really excited for this photo.What I do not like about this photo is the little girl eating the doughnuts, which is the reason why I like it.I have to say, I think it is a shame that the […]

How to be a ‘bad habit of mind’

A lot of people struggle with their bad habits of mind.They do not know what to do with themselves.They are unable to think clearly.And, they are often unable to cope with life.So, how can we tackle the bad habits that keep us from enjoying life?A lot has been written about the good habits.For example, it’s called habit formation, the process […]

How to get a bluebird nesting habit at home

Bluebirds have a lot of great nesting habits in their backyard.But the same bluebirds that spend all day laying eggs can also be quite active in the day.This is what we call a blue bird nesting habit.It’s very important to understand how bluebirds are able to find their nesting spots and then nest.The most common bluebird nest site for the […]

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