10 things to know about the habit tracker for flutters: The 10 things you don’t know about it

flutters are an amazing, creative, and delightful thing.It’s not just because it’s so cute.Flutters are also amazing for their ability to inspire us with stories and messages about love, friendship, and happiness.The fact that you can watch them in action is just icing on the cake.But it also seems like a bit of a burden.Here are some of the reasons […]

Why the world’s most creative people are wasting their time on things they don’t need to spend time on

People who don’t live in New York, who live in small towns and rural areas, or who work in an office often spend their free time wandering the internet, playing games or hanging out with their friends, according to a new survey.The survey from The Economist, a business publication, found that, on average, people spend about 15 hours a day […]

Why we’re still living in circles

In a circle, people tend to spend their time together more than they do apart.That’s because people spend time with other people, too, and those people tend not to spend as much time alone.Here are some reasons why.1.We can’t always be alone.The Internet makes it easy for anyone to find a friend or co-worker.If we have a cell phone and […]

What you need to know about the bluebird nesting habit

The bluebird is the most abundant nesting bird in Australia, with more than a million in the Great Barrier Reef alone.The nest of a bluebird can contain up to 20 individuals, and the most common bird in the area is the Australian Black-necked Kingfisher, which is known to lay a total of 10 eggs.But while these birds have the most […]

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