We don’t want to lose the habit of venturing into unfamiliar places: we want to learn new things

VLAON, Australia—For many Australians, it’s becoming impossible to avoid venturing outside the comfort of their homes.And, according to new research, that means staying away from your home in a way that you don’t even realise.“We’re getting used to the idea that if we don’t go out we’re going to feel isolated, and it’s just not true,” says psychologist Michael van […]

When it comes to beauty products, what is the ‘habit’?

The Habit Beauty Salon in Hyderabad’s capital city has become a destination for beauty enthusiasts from all over India who have ventured out to try out new hair extensions and hair salons in India.The salon opened on May 23 and was packed with visitors from across the country.“I have been coming here for the past two years,” said Roshan, a […]

How to stop your addiction to black habits

We’re talking about black habits here.Black people are not only more likely to engage in unhealthy habits like smoking and eating unhealthy foods, they are also more likely than their white counterparts to be caught up in binge drinking and drugs.But why are these trends happening?It turns out that black people are actually much more likely, in general, to be […]

Which is worse: The bad habit or the bad mood?

It’s easy to be a bad habit.You’ve made a habit of repeating the same words over and over again, and that’s the most common reason for the bad habit, according to new research.The good news, though, is that a good mood and a good brain are a lot easier to control than a bad one.The bad mood comes from having […]

How to avoid atomic habits and improve your habits

1.Don’t get caught up in your “I’m just not that person” mentality article 2.Learn to tolerate your own inner critic article 3.Learn the value of self-discipline article 4.Take a break from your life and learn to relax article 5.Know your limits and make sure you stay within them article 6.Understand how much you can handle and not overwhelm yourself with […]

How to track your nervous habits and break the habit

I’m a believer in habit tracking.In fact, I’ve found that it’s the most powerful thing I’ve discovered for making progress in life.But that’s not all.There are other ways to get a feel for your own habits and find out if they’re actually beneficial.And they all have their advantages.So let’s take a look at each one of them.What is habit tracking?The […]

What’s a simple habit and how do you do it?

Simple Habits is a simple app that helps you do the routine habits you love and can be useful for any occasion.It uses your phone’s camera and voice commands to teach you the basic habits that you should be doing every day and helps you keep them going for as long as you want.The app also features a calendar of […]

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