MTV’s new series ‘Changing Habits’ debuts on 7 August

MTV’s new series ‘Changing Habits’ debuts on 7 August

This summer, MTV announced it would be launching a new series called “Changing Habitations,” a weekly series featuring the voices of people who change their habits in a similar way to what you might change your diet.

“Changing habits” was created by “ChangingHabit.com,” a startup that is currently based in London, and features a number of celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.

The show was created in partnership with social media platform Vine, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet.

While “Changing Hobs” was the first series MTV aired with Vine, it’s the brand of the new series that makes it unique.

Vine is a social network where users upload their daily habits, and then users can share their own video and photos, which then gets shared by other users.

For example, if you uploaded a video of you brushing your teeth, you would be able to see that video and other users who liked it, as well as people who liked your video.

When people share their habits on Vine, they get a rating on the site.

“The thing that we found is that people liked what we were doing because they liked what Vine was doing,” Vine co-founder and CEO Jay Rasulo told Mashable.

“It’s not like you’ve got to get rid of your friends, you can share them.”

In addition to Vine, MTV’s “Changing Habit” will also feature celebrity and music videos.

“People have their own favorite Vine content,” said Rasulo.

“So we can give the content away to people that are passionate about Vine, or maybe they’re just interested in getting their own content.”

“Changing a Habits” will air on MTV’s 7 August, but you can check out the full schedule here.

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