How to use the habit tracker to track your habits – The Guardian

How to use the habit tracker to track your habits – The Guardian

A habit tracker is a smartphone app that tracks your digital and physical behaviour and can be used to monitor your health.

Here are five ways to use it. 1.

Turn off notifications You can disable notifications on the app, but that can also make tracking difficult.

To get started, tap the ‘manage notifications’ button, then tap ‘ignore notifications’.

You’ll then be asked to choose how you want to receive notifications.

To disable notifications, tap ‘unignore’.


Find the apps you don’t use You can find your apps by typing them into the search bar at the top of the app.

To find your favourites, tap on them.

This will take you to the apps section.

Tap on them to find the apps they’re used in, and you’ll then find them on the apps page.


Find apps you do use, but do not have notifications for This is where things get interesting.

Tap the ‘find apps’ button to find any apps you might be missing out on, and then tap the check mark next to the app to activate its notifications.


Check your phone’s battery life If you don�t use apps that rely on battery, you can tap the icon to the left of the screen to check the battery life of your device.

To see your battery, tap it, and it will show you a summary of how much power your device uses.

To check your phone�s battery, swipe up from the bottom to the top to reveal the battery meter.


Turn on and off notifications in your apps Tap the icon next to an app to turn it on or off.

For more information, read the Apple Health app Privacy Statement.

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