How to stay stylish without breaking the bank

How to stay stylish without breaking the bank

An average Indian woman spends more than Rs 5,000 per month on cosmetics, and a large portion of that goes towards cosmetics that are used to create fake and counterfeit products.

This means that if we want to maintain our image as a good consumer, we have to make sure that we don’t use these expensive products, which is why we must be conscious of their effects on our appearance and wellbeing.

A new study conducted by the International Cosmetic Institute and the British-based cosmetics consultancy company L’Oreal reveals how to maintain an attractive, stylish and healthy complexion without using a lot of expensive cosmetics.

The study, titled ‘What Are the Common Cosmetic Effects of Cosmetic Contamination?’ has been published in the journal Cosmetic Science.

The authors of the study analysed data from the Cosmetics Consumption and Monitoring Survey conducted in India, where over 1.4 billion consumers were surveyed.

The results of the survey reveal that people use over one billion products on average each year.

Over 1.6 billion products are purchased each year in India and over 1 billion people in the country are regularly exposed to cosmetics.

Over 1 billion products were used in the study, which was conducted between 2011 and 2014.

In the survey, 1.8 billion people were asked how they use cosmetics.

According to the results, nearly 80% of those surveyed have used cosmetic products on a daily basis for a period of at least one year.

The findings also revealed that 70% of the cosmetics used were synthetic, and over 60% were used by women of colour.

Over half of the people surveyed admitted to using cosmetics that they found unattractive.

According to L’Oréal India, over 90% of cosmetic brands that they surveyed were found to be in poor taste and only 18% were in good taste.

The report also said that about half of Indian women surveyed admitted that they have bought cosmetics in the past year, which can result in poor quality.

The survey also revealed how over 80% Indians are not comfortable with the use of artificial ingredients in their cosmetics.

L’Olive Canada, L’ORÉAL India, Cosmetics Council of India and the Indian Cosmetic Institute also participated in the research.

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