How to get rid of your smartphone habit

How to get rid of your smartphone habit

A week ago, my mother-in-law and I were sitting in her living room, discussing the latest health trends.

When I asked what the most common apps were, she told me she uses a fitness tracker on her iPhone.

“And I don’t have an iPad,” she said.

“But I’m trying to figure out what’s on my iPhone and what’s not.”

“I think you’re kind of getting stuck in your own little world.”

For the first time, I noticed something I didn’t know: she wasn’t alone.

For a moment, I was shocked that people would be so stubborn about their habits.

It’s a pattern I’ve seen countless times with people I know, like my mom, who say they are obsessed with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

But what I hadn’t known was how many of us have an obsession with our phones.

“I don’t think anyone is trying to get lost in their own little worlds,” said Sarah Leung, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania who studies smartphone habits.

“It’s the same way we don’t want to lose weight, or have a conversation with our friends about our diets, or get up to a meeting in the morning to get ready for work.

They’re just doing something else.”

So what are we really doing with our smartphones?

How can we make ourselves more productive and less distracted by our smartphones when we don the apps?

Leung’s research on smartphone habit formation suggests that we don “catch” the phones while we’re sitting at home.

“In a lot of cases, people are just not looking for it,” she told Business Insider.

“We don’t get a good feeling about it.”

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get the most out of our phones, she said, and there are ways to get more out of them.


Get outside, walk, or take a hike When I was a kid, my mom used to keep her iPad on her lap while she was walking the dog.

Now that she has a newer smartphone, she has less of a need to use the device, and it’s a good place to take a break from it.

Leung says that she often sees people sitting on the floor with their iPhones in hand while they’re eating, watching TV, or playing games, and she can see the iPhone is taking up a lot more space than it was when I was growing up.

“That’s one of the reasons I’ve come to think of this as the iPad of the house,” Leung said.

Leong suggests you make it a habit to put away your phone when you’re outside or taking a walk, and to also use a timer for when you need to check it.

She also suggests you use an app like the “I’m Not Alone” app, which helps you keep track of your mobile devices so you don’t forget them.

“So many people don’t use their phones at home because they don’t feel like they need them, but if you get a few minutes, you can actually take a few steps back and enjoy your time outside,” Leong said.

When you use a smartphone, you’re not only giving your body the time it needs to recharge, but also making yourself more productive.


Create a habit “When we use an iPhone, it’s kind of like a physical barrier,” Le

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