How much do you use your brain in your daily life?

How much do you use your brain in your daily life?

I was curious to know how many hours I spent doing things that I thought were important, and how many days of work I put in during that time.

I did this for a while and came up with an overall average for the amount of time I spent working on various things.

Then I looked at my brainwave patterns to see if there was a correlation between those hours and my mood.

Here’s what I found.


You’re not actually using your brain as much as you think 2.

Your brain is working on a lot of different things at once 3.

You probably don’t realize how much you’re working on at the same time 4.

Your work is really just your brain working on the same task every day 5.

You can’t really see the big picture of what’s going on inside of you 6.

You have no idea what you’re doing is doing it in the way that it actually makes you feel 7.

You really don’t have a good idea what your brain is thinking 8.

You may not even be aware of it 9.

You don’t really know what your mental processes are working on 10.

You might not even know how much your brain can actually think and what the limits are 11.

The more you spend working on something, the more you’ll be able to actually spend time on it 12.

Your mental state is often really important to your daily work 13.

You are more likely to get distracted when you’re tired 14.

You’ll be more likely spend more time in the office than you think 15.

You get more done when you spend more energy in the morning 16.

You will be more productive and happy than you would be if you worked a few hours more every day 17.

If you are working in a team and your team members have the same type of mindset, you’ll get the same results 18.

You just need to keep it real 19.

Your goal is always to work smarter 20.

If it’s not working for you, it’s probably not working well 21.

You need to be willing to sacrifice more time and energy 22.

You should be spending more time with your family than you actually are 23.

You want to keep your life in a good state 24.

You shouldn’t be going to bed early, eating late, or doing too much exercise 25.

You’d be happier if you had more time for yourself and less time with family and friends 26.

You love what you do 27.

You work hard 28.

You keep a journal of everything you do 29.

You feel good 30.

You learn something new 31.

You enjoy life and others 32.

You’ve become more aware of how much time you spend on different activities 33.

You notice that you’re more motivated 34.

You think differently when you feel stressed 35.

You appreciate the good things that others do 36.

You know that others like what you have to offer 37.

You do things you’d never have thought of before 38.

You understand that you are not the only one in this world 39.

You tend to have more positive thoughts in general 40.

You try harder when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere 41.

You go out more often 42.

You make friends with people that you like 43.

You like to laugh and laugh at yourself 44.

You believe in the good in others 45.

You take risks 46.

You value life more than anything else 47.

You spend more than you make 48.

You avoid situations that make you sad 49.

You see the bigger picture of your life 50.

You find that you have more energy 51.

You look at life in many different ways 52.

You discover new relationships that are meaningful 53.

You give more thought to what you want to achieve 54.

You change your behavior 55.

You pay more attention to what people say about you 56.

You start to see that you can be more of a leader 57.

You realize you can do better in almost every area of your lives 58.

You finally get to a point where you are comfortable with the fact that you don’t care much for yourself 59.

You stop being afraid 60.

You come to appreciate that you do have other people in the world 61.

You let go of negative thinking 62.

You begin to enjoy the things that you enjoy more 63.

You develop more of an understanding of the joys of life 64.

You recognize the happiness in everything that you experience 65.

You allow yourself to truly appreciate every moment you have 66.

You accept the things you love 67.

You build more confidence in yourself 68.

You become more of who you really are 69.

You use your energy more efficiently 70.

You increase your productivity 71.

You create more and more opportunities to express yourself 72.

You focus more on the things around you 73.

You embrace the good of others 74.

You grow more independent 75.

You seek out people that inspire you 76.

You gain a deeper appreciation for your

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