Hillary Clinton’s big lie: She wants to be commander in chief

Hillary Clinton’s big lie: She wants to be commander in chief

Hillary Clinton is getting a little desperate and it’s all in the name of patriotism.

The Democratic nominee made a major media splash Tuesday with her suggestion that if the US were to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, it would lead to a “greater American strength” and an “American resurgence.”

The idea of the president withdrawing from the accord is, of course, absurd, but it has been used to justify all manner of policy decisions from the Obama administration, including the killing of American citizens in Libya to drone strikes on American citizens overseas.

The Paris Agreement is a huge deal and a critical one, but the United States is also the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide, the second largest carbon dioxide emitter, after China.

It also contains many rules and regulations that would hurt the US economy and hurt American businesses.

So the US is the most powerful country in the world, and the US has the biggest economy, so why is Hillary Clinton so concerned about it?

The answer lies in the fact that climate change has already cost the United State a great deal.

Climate change is a major factor in the economic collapse of many parts of the world in recent years, particularly in the United Kingdom, where unemployment and unemployment-related conditions are so bad that many have given up looking for work.

Climate change also threatens the economic security of many of the millions of Americans in the US who rely on Social Security and Medicare, who could be hit hard by rising costs from climate change.

The United States also has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the developed world.

Many of those children are at the risk of falling into poverty if climate change and other factors such as the spread of disease and extreme weather make the US even more vulnerable to future disasters.

And then there is the massive impact climate change is having on the economy.

In the US, the climate has already had a dramatic impact on agriculture and on the environment, and climate change may well have even more lasting impacts.

Hillary Clinton and her Democratic colleagues are desperate to score political points on the Paris Agreement, and to say that the United Nations will be able to pull out of it.

The Paris Agreement was negotiated in Paris, which means the United Nation is already in Paris with the goal of getting it ratified, something that is not in the hands of anyone but the US.

The climate agreement has been around for over two decades, and Hillary Clinton and other politicians claim it is a great thing that will help the US thrive.

But that is false.

The United States has already been able to meet the climate goals of the agreement, and even more important, we are already at the most ambitious level ever of CO2 reductions, which is what has already saved the lives of countless Americans.

The US will continue to meet our climate goals, but we can’t be counting on anyone else to do it.

And if the world is going to be the world leader on climate change, then we will be at the very top.

That is why we need to be at least a little skeptical about Hillary Clinton, and why we have to keep our eyes peeled for her lies.

The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the views of The Hill.

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