Are you getting bad habits? Are you losing the good ones? – Are You Getting Bad Habits?

Are you getting bad habits? Are you losing the good ones? – Are You Getting Bad Habits?

The band Are You Being Bad Habituated was formed in 1999 in Leeds, UK.

Now based in Nashville, TN, the band have released a new song called Are You Having Bad Habituens.

The track, which is an homage to their classic debut album The Bad Habit, is an upbeat, bouncy ballad that hits a groove in the second half of the song.

“I was just listening to the song last night,” guitarist Chris Taylor told Billboard.

“It reminded me of a song that I used to play when I was younger, and it’s pretty catchy.

So I just went with that and started singing it.”

The song’s first single, titled ‘Habits’, is an original composition written by Taylor.

The band has released six studio albums to date, with their last release, 2014’s The Good Life, featuring tracks from Are You, Good Habits and Good Times.

Taylor also shared a video of the new track, showing off a little bit of his dance moves while singing.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” he said.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done it.

I didn’t want to sound like a stoner, I didn, like, just get up and do a dance move.”

Are You Bad Habitiens is the band’s fourth studio album, and follows their debut album, The Bad Habitus EP.

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