A few changes for the 2017 Spring Salon Aria in Mesa

A few things are going to have to change for the Spring Salon Aria in Mesa this weekend.

But the main one is that the bar will be closing.

It will be replaced with a new bar called the Rose and the Garden.

“It was a little hard to decide between this new bar and the old bar,” says Melissa O’Brien, the president of Spring Salon in Mesa.

“There’s some really great food and cocktails on the menu, and a great atmosphere.”

The bar will open at noon Saturday and close at 11 p.m.


“We’re going to start serving some really cool cocktails at that time,” O’Brian says.

“The cocktails will be great, but we’re going really hard to make sure that we do the food really well.”

Mesa Mayor Pat McCaffrey says that if you’re coming to the Spring, be prepared for a change.

“There are a lot of changes that are going on,” McCaffey says.

“(It’s) a little more relaxed.

I think it’s going to be more family friendly, which is really important to us.”

But what about the decor?

The bar has a “new look,” says McCaffery.

“It’s going a little bit more contemporary.”

O’Briens says that will bring more people in, and she says the decor is more contemporary.

There will also be a few changes to the food menu.

O’Hara says that they’re planning a “food truck” to take the place of the regular food truck.

That’s not a big change for O’Boers bar, but she does have to admit that it’s a little different.

“The food truck is going to really come in and do its thing, and I think that we’re not going to go anywhere else,” she says.

For now, McCaffreys plan to host a free concert and a “mini-fest” at the Rose & the Garden, and he hopes to have the bar open to the public by May 31.

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