Three bad habits song: ‘Til It’s Gone’

Three bad habit songs have emerged as a way to help those struggling with habits: a bad habit song, a bad diet song and a bad sleep song.All three are about the same thing, however.These songs help you get rid of bad habits by sharing your life with negative thoughts and feelings.It sounds simple, but there’s a lot to be […]

Do your job is not your job?

Are you an IT professional?Do you spend hours per week working on your project?Are you a bit of an procrastinator?Or maybe you’re a lazy one?The article below is meant to provide some ideas to help you decide if your job really is your job.Do your boss have a job that requires you to spend a lot of time on your […]

How to be a ‘bad habit of mind’

A lot of people struggle with their bad habits of mind.They do not know what to do with themselves.They are unable to think clearly.And, they are often unable to cope with life.So, how can we tackle the bad habits that keep us from enjoying life?A lot has been written about the good habits.For example, it’s called habit formation, the process […]

How to make money with habit book habit book

For the first time in its history, the global financial sector is using its global financial intelligence to build a habit book.It has been a long time coming, but the latest edition of the Habit Book, launched by the World Bank and the United Nations in October, marks the latest sign that financial technology has begun to influence how people […]

What happens if your home is burglarized?

What happens when a burglar enters your home?The answer is that you might need to put on a habit of your own.That’s because, like any home, you should be able to protect your possessions, whether they’re your wallet or your phone.You might need a habit that makes you comfortable with what you have.And there’s a chance you might have to […]

How to become a ‘beauty addiction’ author and columnist Paul McCartney shares advice for people struggling with the addiction to cosmetics and skin care.

Posted August 31, 2018 08:48:31I had a few friends over for dinner recently, and they told me they were obsessed with beauty products.I think that was the first time they told you that.The second time I heard it was on a podcast, I felt like the conversation had been lost.But that’s what I’m going to share with you now: the […]

How to catch a flu with a book

The Flu Vaccine can save lives and is used to prevent more than 1 million cases of influenza every year, according to experts.The book is called ‘The Flu Book’.In it, a person can buy the vaccine for around $200 and have a full dose delivered to their door.This can save thousands of lives, said Dr. Daniel Pinto, an infectious disease […]

What you need to know about the bluebird nesting habit

The bluebird is the most abundant nesting bird in Australia, with more than a million in the Great Barrier Reef alone.The nest of a bluebird can contain up to 20 individuals, and the most common bird in the area is the Australian Black-necked Kingfisher, which is known to lay a total of 10 eggs.But while these birds have the most […]

How to track your habits without the need for a smartphone

By now, you’re probably aware that the habit tracker app Habit Tracker is a must-have for anyone with a smartphone, as it’s one of the most powerful tools on the market to track and track your daily habits.You can use it to find out what you’re doing, how often you’re getting done, what’s really important to you, and so on.It’s […]

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